Visions of Orgatec 2018 (video)

RIM CZ has taken part in the Orgatec Trade Fair in Cologne nine times. Orgatec is one of the world’s largest office furniture exhibitions and is an important commercial and marketing opportunity for furniture companies. Every year, hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from all over the world attend the fair and this year’s event was no exception.

„Participating in this trade fair is of great importance to us because Orgatec is the place where trends are set for many years to come. Companies present the best of what they have worked hard to create in the past year, and everybody can see tremendous progress. The fact that RIM is an internationally competitive brand makes us very happy indeed. Every visitor to our stand is proof that we are moving in the right direction. In the five days we exhibited at the fair, we were visited by a record 262 companies“, Milan Nagy, Executive Director.
RIM presented five new collections this year. The first collection, Victory, comes from Italian designer Massimo Costaglio. Victory is an ergonomic chair that offers several swivel and conference variations. There was also a special presentation of the prototype of 3D mechanics and sensors on this collection. Sensors connected to an application in your mobile phone, tablet or computer, are the future of modern offices. Users can also monitor their sitting habits and set up a warning feature to signal when it is time to change positions, and investors can then evaluate statistics regarding the use of chairs in more and more shared workplaces.
The next three collections, the CA-VA, WINX and CUBIX all come from Austrian designer Kai Stania and are all variations of soft seating. Slightly futuristic but not unrealistic, the idea that the future of work including meetings and negotiations will take place exclusively on sofas and tabourets is not so far away. Kai Stania puts great emphasis on design and comfort, so every collection is both highly original and practical.
Kai Stania also designed the exhibition stand for RIM this year, achieving harmony between the displays and the exhibition area. This year, it covered 200m² and it was where we had many business presentations, listened to designer lectures, enjoyed wine tastings and shared an overall great atmosphere.

Designer Martin Kožucharov is behind the new fifth collection. It consists of the Stones tabourets that offer temporary seating. In the future, the tabourets will be enriched with user-friendly features and design details.

„Immediately after returning from the fair, our team of designers, technicians and developers were back at work. Now, the main goal is to expand the new product lines, integrate the requests and requirements of our customers and expand our portfolio with other interesting products“, Milan Nagy, Executive Director.